DayMare, Chapter 23

It was three in the morning and Miles woke up with a vengeance.  She leapt from bed and ran to the basement.  She channeled her demon spirit and prayed to Lucifer for strength.  She then rushed out of the house.  She drove as fast as she could down to New York and sat in front of her old house.  She watched for signs of movement, but none were to be seen.  She quietly walked into the house and crept around, looking for her secret.  She opened and shut drawers and threw things on the ground.  She finally got fed up with having to stay quiet, and flipped the light switch on and started tearing the house up.  Her desk drawer was empty, and the files were no where to be found.  She sat in her desk chair frustrated.  Where the heck had she put that stuff?  She was startled by the sound of a creaking floor and when she turned around, she saw Kirby standing in the doorway of her office.  He was wearing boxer pants and was shirtless.  His brown hair was disheveled, and he had a pillow mark on his left cheek and looked absolutely adorable.  Miles couldn’t help but smile.


“What are you doing Miles?”

“I need my files.”

“I don’t have them any more.  I gave them to Dr. Mason.”


Miles stood up angrily and made her way to Kirby.  Before he could defend himself, he had flown out into the hallway and was lying on the ground.  He felt the warm drip of blood from the back of his head and he looked up at Miles.  She was so mad, she was shaking and her eyes where pitch black.  She was pacing and talking to herself, which scared Kirby even more.  Kirby went to stand but Miles was on him in a second.


“How dare you give my files to that wretch?”

“I’m sorry Miles, I just wanted to help.”


At this, Miles laughed uncontrollable.  She looked back at Kirby and growled.


“I’m beyond your help.  Just give up Kirby.  You won’t get me back.”

“I’m never going to give up.  I love you Miles and I always will.  You need to understand that our bond will never be broken and you can’t hurt me.  I’m covered by the blood of the Lamb and you aren’t allowed to bring harm to me.”

“That’s were you’re wrong hunny.  I’m allowed to bring you pain, I’m allowed to cause death in your household, I’m even allowed to torment you.  You’re God can’t save you now.”

“And that’s were you’re wrong Miles.  He saved you.”

“HA!  You only think I was saved… obviously I’m not saved any more.”

“Miles, God will always love you.  He’s always going to be there.  You can’t escape him!!!”


Miles started shaking with anger again and punched Kirby in the face.  Kirby was knocked out cold, so Miles rummaged through the house some more, then left to drive back to Boston.  By the time she had gotten back, she had calmed down and had come up with a plan to get her files back.  She got home and Brea and Ridge where just getting up to start the day.  She fed the kids and told them to go play.  Miles went and sat at the island in the kitchen and pulled out her cell phone.  She dialed Dr. Mason’s number.


“Dr. Mason’s office, how can I help you?”

“Yes, this is Miles Lynn Schmidt, I need to speak to Dr. Mason.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Schmidt, he’s not taking any calls today.”

“Bullshit, I know he’s there and I know that he will be interested in speaking to me.”


There was silence on the other end.


“Please hold.”


The phone was alive with the worst music Miles had ever heard.  She waited impatiently until, finally, she heard the other line pick up.


“Mrs. Schmidt.  I’m glad you called.”

“Yea I know… now, listen.  My husband gave you something that wasn’t his to give, and I’d like it back.”

“That’s not going to happen Miles.  You need help.”

“No sir, you need to give me my stuff, or I’m going to sue you.”

“That’s not going to help your case.  Your husband did what he had to.”

“No, he took the files out of a locked desk drawer and took them to a doctor that isn’t mine.  Now, I have every right to sue you and my husband for unlawful sharing of private information, but I don’t want to have to do that.  This can all disappear if you just give me my stuff back.”


The line was quiet and she knew that she had sit a nerve with Dr. Mason.  He sighed and cleared his throat.


“Miles, you make a good argument.  I’m going to send them to your house; can I get your address?”

“Nice try… leave them at your office, I’ll come pick them up tomorrow morning.”

“Do you think we could have a conversation when you get here?”

“HA! No! You will meet me outside and hand them to me when I’m still in my car.  That way, you can’t pull some ‘danger to herself bullshit’.”

“Ok, that’s fine.  I’ll be there at 9.”

“I’ll be waiting.”


At that, Miles hung up the phone.  She was satisfied that she had gotten her way and she went to get the kids.  They were quietly playing video games and she asked if they wanted to go to the beach.  The kids emphatically said yes, and they rushed to get their bathing suits on.  Miles was looking forward to a nice afternoon at the beach.


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