Best of Friends (un-numbered chapter)

The heat was unbearable.  Fall in Nashville wasn’t as cold as other parts of the country, but Cassie insisted the heat be on when the outside temperature dropped below 60.  I don’t know how many times I had to tell her to just put on a pair of socks and grab a blanket.  I threw my legs around off the bed and stood up.  I could feel my stomach muscles clench and the tightness of my legs reminded me of the amazing sex I had the day before.  Some men just know the right spots!


Walking out of my room into the main living area of the apartment I was reminded that I had a clean freak roommate.  Apparently she had felt the need to pile all of my stuff next to my door.  Don’t get me wrong, Cassie and I have been friends since we were tiny little things, but lately we’ve been getting into fights.  She was always judging my “extra curricular” activities.  And don’t mention the drinking around her.  Chuckling to myself I poured a class of whiskey and sat on the counter.  On the corner of the table was Cassie’s Bible.  She read that thing like her life depended on it.  We both went to Sunday school and church growing up, but I didn’t have time for that nonsense.  God didn’t have time to love me, so I didn’t have time to worship him.


Smoothing my mangled hair, I threw back the whiskey and jumped off the counter.  I undressed as I walked through the apartment, throwing my clothes on the ground.  Cassie was going to be mad, but I didn’t care.  I had some shit to do tonight and she was going to have to suck it.


Starting the shower, I let the warm water drift over my naked body.  My brown hair was long and thick, it was hell to style; massaging the shampoo into a lather I giggled at the reminder of the previous night.  My whole body was sore but it felt so good.  I washed my body and moaned under the touch.  I was getting excited just thinking about what this night could bring.  I toweled off and dressed in a pair of super skinny jeans and a black corset.  The corset made my tits stand up and my ass just that more appealing!!  I blow dried my hair and curled it into loose waves.  Lined my green eyes with black eyeliner and dabbed on some gold eye shadow.  My lips got the red lip treatment and I stepped back and admired my work.  Damn, I was sexy as hell!!  Slipping on a pair of red heels, I grabbed my wallet and headed out the door.


The air was brisk and full of life.  You could smell the leaves changing this time of the year.  We lived about two miles from downtown Nashville so I didn’t find a need to get in the car.  You could hear the bars from the apartment and it made me tingle.  I was just pulsing with excitement.  The music got louder as I reached my destination.  Pulling open the door of the bar, I was hit with the smell of cigarette smoke and stale alcohol.  Instantly, I made eye contact with a creeper by the bar.  I walked right past him with my head held high.


“Whiskey Sour please.”  I asked the bartender.

“As you wish, darlin’. “ He responded.


He produced my drink and waved away my credit card.  Apparently every guy around me was just dying to buy me a drink.  I laughed and winked as I took a sip of my drink.  I turned towards the dance floor and watched the wanna be cowboys and desperate cowgirls line dance to a terrible honky tonk band.  Now, I love country music like any good southern girl, but they were so terrible!!!


I made eye contact with a cowboy across the dance floor.  He was tall and handsome, perfect for a midnight romp.  I walked over to him and extended my hand.


“Hey there handsome, my name is Jordan.”

“Hello darlin’, my name is Max.  You’re looking mighty fine tonight.  Whatcha drinkin’?”

“Whiskey sour.”


Max motioned to the other bartender and another drink appeared in my hand.  Taking a long sip I kept eye contact with Max and watched as he adjusted his jeans.  I set my drink down on the bar and stepped closer to him.  He leaned in and nuzzled my neck.  It felt so good to have his breath on my neck.  I rubbed my hands over his strong arms and chest.  He was a real cowboy; you could feel his muscles under his pearl button shirt.   He pulled his head away from my neck and put his hands on my hips.  The breath stopped in my chest.  He pulled me closer to him so that I could feel just how hard he was getting.  His hands moved ever so slightly south around my ass and he took hold.


“Why don’t we get out of here?”


I nodded and he threw down a 20-dollar bill and we walked out of the bar.  It was a lot chillier than when I walked in, but I couldn’t tell.  There was a silent electricity between us as we walked to his truck.  He had parked down a dark alley and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  This was turning out to be better than I ever could have expected.  He opened the passenger side of the truck and I climbed in.  He got in the drivers side and turned on the radio.  He slid closer to me and I finally got to feel his rough hands.  He smelled like hay and I was so excited.  Looking into my eyes he placed a hand on the side of my face and leaned in to kiss me.  His kiss was smooth and sweet, but there was a need behind it that I wanted to unleash.  I kissed back, placing my hand on his chest.  Finally, that caged beast was unleashed.  He grabbed my ass and pulled me onto his lap, never letting our lips leave the others; I grinded into his lap as he moaned, pulling me closer to him.  I reached behind me and pulled out my box cutter.  Pulling my head away from his, I stared into his eyes.  He winked and I grinned as I ran my blade from ear to ear.  I watched as the blood spurted out, covering me in its warmth.  The life left his eyes and his hands dropped to his side and I threw my head back in ecstasy.



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