Entity, Chapter 5

Why didn’t she listen?? I told her this was going to happen.


She doesn’t care about us.  That’s why she just left us.


She’s an asshole and deserves to be treated as such.  Back a way from her, I think she’s waking up.


Jessa startled out of her black out and came face to face with her three friends.  She was tied to a chair in her living room.  Her head felt awful.


“What the hell, guys!”


Cassidy walked over.


“I’m sorry Jessa, I know that I warned you that this could happen.  I really wanted you to be prepared.”

“When did you fucking warn me that my three best friends were going to hit me over the head and tie me to fucking chair?”


It was Sam’s turn to walk over.


“Jessa, we know that we don’t matter to you anymore.  But we love you.”

“This isn’t fucking love.  You can’t just do this to someone you love.”


Shelby walked over and straddled Jessa.

“Sweet pea, you’re fine.  We didn’t even hit you that hard.”

“My head is throbbing, the fuck you didn’t!”

“Oh stop being so dramatic.  You’re alive and well.  We just wanted to get your attention.”

“Oh, you fucking got it, alright.  Now what the actual fuck do you need?”


Shelby got off Jessa and the three girls stood around her.


“We need you,” they said in unison.


Jessa was so confused.  But it suddenly dawned on her how alike the three girls looked.  Despite the different hair colors, the eyes, the mouths, the noses, and even the skin tone were identical.  They were all shaped the same.  The main differences came in their personalities.  Shelby was the wild one, not caring what people thought of her.  Always trying to be the center of attention.  Drinking without a care, having sex with whomever she pleased.  Cassidy was the anxious one.  Always with a word of care.  She suffered from panic attacks and was always overly stressed about whatever she was doing.  Most days, it was a miracle if Cassidy was able to walk out her front door without anxiety medicine.  Sam was the depressed one.  She always thought she was in the way.  It wasn’t abnormal for her to say sorry for stuff she wasn’t guilty of.  She cut herself sometimes, because she said that the pain was too much, and she needed to rid herself of her sins.


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